EXCLUSIVE: “Tejasswi only goes there where she finds benefit,” says Donal Bisht after getting evicted from Bigg Boss 15

Actress Donal Bisht got recently evicted in the shocking mid-night eviction announced in Bigg Boss 15. The actress was voted out by the majority of contestants along with Vidhi Pandya. While in the show, Donal was emerging to be one of the strongest contestants and her eviction has come as a shock to many.

Post her eviction, Donal got into an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama and talked about her journey so far, being targetted by the housemates, love bonds taking place inside the house and much more.

Although your journey was short yet impactful, how’d you describe it?
Yes, it was short yet impactful. When I came back and saw my phone I was trending everywhere. What else do you need in life when people love you so much at the time when 14 people inside the house were not able to and did not want to understand me. The outside world loved me so much for the real me. I think that Bigg Boss is all about personalities and they liked my personality. I did not play any character; the audience loved the real Donal Bisht. So I feel I have already won the game because I have won people’s hearts.

Do you think people like you are kind of misfits for the show?
I don’t think so because Bigg Boss is all about personalities. But I don’t know what the makers think about the show. It all depends upon the makers what they want to show. If they show cleverness and dirty tactics people will see that anyway. But if they show good people will watch that as well. I don’t know what the strategy of the makers is, but good people are always needed inside the house. I don’t think so I was a Misfit for the show because if I would have been I would have not got so much love.

Most unexpected vote for elimination?
I didn’t expect Karan to vote me out because he knew that how with so much blood and sweat I prepared that map to enter the main house. He even took a stand for me that he knows what I have done for the show. He even wanted somebody from the main house to get evicted so I felt bad that he took my name. I even felt bad for Nishant taking my name even Afsana took my name but she assured me that she will take my revenge.

A life lesson Bigg Boss taught you?
The biggest Life lesson I have learnt in Big Boss is that nobody has a good heart as you.

You mentioned being gluten and lactose intolerant before entering the house. How tough it was for you to survive there?
It was very difficult for me but still, when people used to come to me I used to give them my gluten-free bread. I even used to give them my oatmeal. I didn’t use to eat the food they ate but still, I used to prepare them the food. I used to make around 20-25 chapatis daily. So, that was the love I gave them. Even after doing so much I was questioned and told that I am not able to make connections.

Do you feel you were being targeted by the housemates?
I was being targeted since day one. I got to even know that they use to make plans and strategies to avoid me and neglect me in the house. Afsana told me about it. I was said that I am not trying to make connections but they were the ones who were not getting mingle with me. Even Salman Khan told me at both the weekends that why is everybody behind Donald. Even I got hurt in my head and they said that my energy is low, should I rather dance at that point?. I don’t think so any game should be above humanity. The world saw that I didn’t do anything wrong and I did everything from my heart. I contempt to it and have no regrets.

According to you, who should have got evicted?
Vidhi would have got evicted for sure. Apart from that, when Farah Khan came in she pointed out with Vidhi and Ieshaan Sehgal only. So, yeah apart from Vidhi, probably Ieshaan.

What do you of the love bonds taking place inside the house?
Tejasswi only goes there where she finds benefit when she saw benefit from Vishal she went to Vishal to enter the main house, when she thought that Shamita will get her benefit she went behind Shamita. Now she is in the jungle area, so she knows Farah Khan has given Karan Kundra number 1 rating and he’ll be a great help to her. I don’t think so it is a love bond, it is her strategy because I know her. For Miesha & Ieshaan, the entire world is talking about then what should I even add further they have made Splitsvilla over there.



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