Divyanka Tripathi SLAMS ‘No bindi no business’ campaign around Diwali; asks, ‘Why should any culture be measured by women’s dressing?’

Diwali is just around the corner. Just a couple of days now, and the country would be celebrating the festival of lights. Before Diwali, various campaigns are conducted around the same. Now, there’s a thing that has created a stir on social media. It is called ‘No Bindi no business’. Divyanka Tripathi came across a post by an author and speaker in which the latter had said that she won’t be buying anything from any brand that will feature models without bindis.

The Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress shared a snapshot of the tweet that she shared with a note that read, “No bindi no business? It should be a woman’s choice what she wants to wear! Hinduism is about respecting choices! Next you’ll want purda-system & then Satipratha back? Why should any culture be measured by women’s dressing? I’m further shocked when women propagate such concepts!”

When a netizen had commented defending the author saying that the campaign won’t run around during Christmas or Eid, Divyanka had slammed him saying that what women should or should not wear should solely be her business. She said, “I’m a Brahman girl, but I can choose not to wear bindi. Green colour is of Maa Katyayni too signifying growth. You can’t take away my green from my wardrobe on any day. To support one cause don’t suppress another! #extremism Women have fought hard for a free will in our society.”

More netizens asked her to read about the movement. Divyanka stood her ground and that it should be the women’s choice. She also revealed that she shot for a Diwali commercial recently without a bindi. The actress explained that a brand has nothing to do with it. She also urged other women who agreed with her to come forward. She tweeted out saying, “My dear ladies worldwide, you’d agree with me, the correct tag should be: #NoTurbanNoBusiness #NoDhotiNoBusiness #NoMoustacheNoBusiness It’s high time, they start leaving women out of any religious fashion! #IRespectHiduism #WomensRightToChoose.” Check out her tweets here:

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