Anupamaa BIG Twist: Baa’s hurtful words force Anuj to take an extreme step leaving Anupamaa and the Shah family in shock

Rupali Ganguly, Sudhanshu Pandey and Madalsa Sharma starrer Anupamaa is gaining a lot of attention from viewers these days. Since the show began, it has been on the top of the TRP charts. The makers are leaving no stones unturned in making their show number 1 and are adding a new twist and turn in their upcoming episodes. Recently, we saw Anuj confessed that he loves Anupamaa in front of the Shah family. Anupamaa and Samar both heard the conversation and Anupamaa got angry on hearing it but Samar tried to explain to her that there is nothing wrong with Anuj confessing his love. Samar tells Anupamaa that her love for Vanraj was also one-sided and she should understand how Anuj must be feeling. Later, Anupamaa confronts Anuj and thanks him for loving her unconditionally.

They both accept each other and begin a new chapter of their life. Anupamaa then celebrates Diwali with Anuj and her family members. However, Baa gets angry seeing this and puts forward a strange and shocking offer before Anuj and Anupamaa. Baa arrives at the Diwali celebrations when Anuj and Anupama are performing together at the latter’s dance academy. She declares that she has come to fix everything and correct the damage done by Anupama. She then takes out the tiny vermillion box (sindoor ki dibbi) and asks Anuj to fill Anupama’s ‘maang’ with the sindoor and end all the gossips around their relationship. This shocks both Anuj and Anupama who have decided to stay friends after their beautiful conversation.


In the upcoming episode, we will see Anuj getting frustrated with Baa’s constant taunts and he will forcefully take the indoor and fill Anupamaa’s maang leaving her and the Shah family shell-shocked. It will be interesting to see how will everyone react to this and especially Vanraj who still keeps showing his right on Anupamaa.

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