Katrina Kaif wore traditional handcrafted choodas and kaleeras designed by Rahul Luthra who also designed kaleeras for Deepika Padukone

Katrina Kaif looked resplendent at her wedding and “Raabta by Rahul” was elated to be a small but significant part of the journey. The handcrafted kaleeras worn by the bride were designed by designer Rahul Luthra on request by Anaita Shroff Adajania, Bollywood stylist, who assisted Katrina in getting her wedding look together. When Anaita called Rahul to design the kaleeras, she specifically mentioned that design has to be minimal yet chic, not heavy at all. No OTTs; the bride preferred simple but traditional. Anaita also specified that bride does not want to wear pearls, but Rahul at that time had no idea, the bride-to-be was Katrina Kaif.

Katrina Kaif wore traditional handcrafted choodas and kaleeras designed by Rahul Luthra who also designed kaleeras for Deepika Padukone

Rahul Luthra and his team at “Raabta” designed beautiful pair of Choodas with resplendent kaleeras for Katrina. The delicate blend of intricacies warped in traditions to fulfill the customs of the wedding was carefully designed and sketched by Rahul Luthra and put to life by his experienced karigars. When asked what inspired Rahul to design the kaleeras, he said, “As always I was inspired by nature, the peepal leaf motifs in gold were incorporated to impart the flavour of folklore. Delicate tassels were added in maroon to brighten the ornament and to bless the bride happy matrimony. Since pearls were not to be used we stuck to the theme of gold and added golden beads to create the textured effect of beads hanging from multiple layers of interwoven chattars.”


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All the intricacies of this jewelry were handcrafted. Small delicate Kaleeras were also sent to add on to the layered look and hence a part of Raabta By Rahul would partake in the kaleera ceremony for the Katrina Kaif. Auspicious colours of gold and red were used in enamelling the ornament. The tiny trinkets, in the end, were added to liven up the custom of Kaleera breaking. Designer, Rahul Luthra says, “Katrina looked resplendent to say the least when I finally saw the pictures. I am humbled by the whole experience and I must especially mention that Anaita Shroff was very patient and clear in her design sensibilities, she definitely extracted the best out of me and my team. I modestly accept that we executed what was expected from us and I hope we excelled at that.”

The kaleeras are handcrafted in a silver alloy base with micro gold plating, with peepal leaf motifs, golden beads, silken tassels, and real zari threadwork. These delicately interwoven kaleeras were put together by ou experienced karigars.

Rahul concludes, “This whole experience was amazing especially since we had done Deepika’s kaleeras as well and hoping that we are able to design ornaments for Alia Bhatt as well.”

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