Urfi Javed REVEALS shocking details about her Casting Couch experience, ‘Someone forced me…’

Many Bollywood and TV actresses have opened up about how they faced the casting couch in the industry. Urfi Javed, who is nowadays in the news for her outfits, also faced the casting couch. The actress opened up about it in a recent interview. She stated that someone forced her but she got out of it. Urfi also stated that the men in the industry are very powerful. Not just about the casting couch, the actress in the interview also spoke about rejections, trolls, and a lot more. While talking to India Today about her casting couch experience, Urfi said, “Like every other girl, I have also experienced casting couch. It just happened once when someone forced me, but I got out, so I consider myself very lucky. The men in the industry are very powerful. They have the right to reject you anytime. I have experienced casting couch from some big names in the industry whom I would not name.” Further talking about rejections she said, “I still face so many rejections. When I first came to Mumbai, I thought I would be so busy, and I would get work like anything. However, I never got work. I just got small roles here and there on TV. I had to do that because I had no money. Rejections are a part of my life.”

Urfi is known for wearing revealing clothes and the actress is trolled a lot for it on social media. So, while talking about trolls, Urfi told the portal, “I feel like trolling those trolls. It doesn’t really affect me because when you rise up in your career, it doesn’t matter what people below you are saying. For me, the voices of the trolls faint down. Hence, I don’t listen to those people.” Urfi has been a part of many TV shows, but she rose to fame with her short stint in Bigg Boss OTT which was hosted by Karan Johar.

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