Imlie Latest Twist: Malini REVEALS sending divorce papers to Aditya; Aryan becomes the owner of Tripathi house

Imlie Latest Twist 4 January 2021: In the current episode of Imlie, Malini gets successful in marrying Aditya. On the other hand, Imlie gets shattered seeing Malini and Aditya together. The entire Tripathi family is upset as Malini becomes Aditya’s wife. In the upcoming episode of Imlie, Malini will change the entire look of her house and will try to be happy. She will decide to make Imlie jealous by going close to Aditya. Malini invites Imlie to the Tripathi house to attend her first kitchen ceremony. She pays extra money to Aryan. Malini gears up for a lot of drama during her first ritual. In the upcoming episode of Imlie, Aditya and Malini will go to Tripathi’s house after their marriage. Imlie, Aryan along with their team will reach their house early in the morning. Malini will start feeding Aditya with her hands and will try to make Imlie jealous. Moreover, Aryan will also praise Malini in front of everyone. Soon, Malini will give a bowl of chilies to Imlie and will tell her to eat it. Imlie will start eating chilies, but Aryan will stop her from doing so. Soon, Imlie and Aditya will come face to face. Aditya will blame Imlie for sleeping with Aryan and getting success in her work. He even tells her to spend more time with Aryan as she is in love with him. Imlie gets angry at him and says that she is not in love with Aryan. She even tells him that whatever she is today is because of her hard work and dedication. Imlie tells Aditya that she shares a professional relationship with Aryan. Aditya tells her that if she was not in love with Aryan why did she send divorce papers to him? She gets shocked listening to him. Suddenly, Malini comes in and reveals that she had sent divorce papers to Aditya. Both Imlie and Aditya get shocked knowing the truth. Watch the promo here –

On the other hand, Aryan will soon become the owner of Aditya’s house. He will take revenge on Aditya as he made Imlie suffer. He will then throw Aditya and his family out from the Tripathi house.

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