Bigg Boss 15: Contestants take on a barrage of burning questions from Radio Jockeys to redeem the lost sum from their prize money

The finale week of Bigg Boss 15 is finally here and as host, Salman Khan had announced over the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’, for the first time ever the fate of the contestants will rest in the hands of the audience. The contestants have been making relentless efforts to make it this far in the contest; and as this season inches closer to the finale, they have a chance to recover INR six lakhs that they had lost earlier from their total prize money. But before they can do that, they have to face a grilling line of questioning from two radio jockeys, and their responses will be judged by viewers themselves. The contestants will win their redemption amount only if their answers satisfy the audience.

Karan is the first contender to face the fire, as he gets questioned on why he doesn’t support Tejasswi when she needs it the most. He is quick to respond that Tejasswi is quite capable of fighting her own battles and doesn’t need his help. When asked about his tough stance against Pratik, Karan defends himself saying that he has only been hard on Pratik when he was headed in the wrong direction. Pratik, however, feels differently and says “Mujhe ab love nahi feel hota. Aur mere iss ghar mein ladaai bhi sabse zyada unse hi hui hai!” While Nishant receives fire for making harsh comments for his friends Shamita and Pratik, Rakhi gets drilled for going over the top at times. Tejasswi gets backed into a corner when the RJs point at her tendency to play the victim card, and Shamita hardens the pressure by reminding everyone about the personal attacks that Tejasswi has made on her.

However, Shamita gets her own share of grilling as she is asked to respond to Nishant calling her ‘fake’. As accusations and criticism is thrown all around the house, will the contestants be able to win this additional prize money?

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