Anupamaa SHOCKING spoiler: Vanraj to get into a fight at Kinjal’s baby shower after Rakhi Dave trolls him for being replaced by Anuj

In the current episode of Anupamaa, Anu, Anuj, and the entire Shah family are preparing for Kinjal’s baby shower. Vanraj and Kavya are unable to attend Kinjal’s baby shower. Anu instructs Baa, Barkha, and Rakhi to not indulge in a fight at the baby shower. They promise to stay calm and enjoy the celebration. Anuj and Anupamaa are on cloud nine as they celebrate Kinjal’s baby shower. Anupamaa welcomed Rakhi to celebrate her daughter’s baby shower. Rakhi gets into an argument with Baa as soon as she arrives. Anupamaa handles the matter with ease. On the other hand, Anuj and Anupamaa enjoy their romantic time together. In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Baa and Rakhi will get into a fight during Kinjal’s baby shower. Anupamaa gets Kinjal ready for the big day and dresses her up like a bride. Anupamaa, Rakhi, and Baa will give an amazing performance at Kinjal’s baby shower. Toshu will attend her wife’s baby shower and enjoy himself to the fullest. While, on the other hand, Adik will try to flirt with Pakhi and this will leave Samar upset. Meanwhile, Anupamaa will lose her calm at Baa and Rakhi as they get into a fight. Anu will get angry at them for fighting at the baby shower and starts taunting them. The two will stop fighting but will keep taunting. Barkha will enjoy their fight scene. Watch the promo –

Rakhi will then call Vanraj and instigate him against Anuj. She will inform him that Anuj is performing all the rituals and has replaced him. Vanraj will lose his temper. He will then attend Kinjal’s baby shower and get into a fight with Anuj.

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