EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity photographer Avinash Gowariker reveals how Salman Khan’s spontaneity in shoots trained him: ‘He doesn’t give too much time; he is impatient’

The world celebrated Photography Day on August 19. On this special occasion, popular celebrity photographer Avinash Gowariker sat down with Bollywood Hungama to talk about his career, his shoots, his favourite photos and what it is like to shoot with some of the biggest superstars. In the conversation, Gowariker revealed how Khan’s spontaneity in shoots trained him to work under any circumstances.

EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity photographer Avinash Gowariker reveals how Salman Khan's spontaneity in shoots trained him: 'He doesn't give too much time; he is impatient'

“See, the path I took is not ideal. I took a chance with life. And as I said, god loves me. I got the right help from the right people, but it was not the right thing to do. You’re playing with chance that everything might fall into place. That’s not right. I think formal education in photography, in today’s day and age, is a must,” he tells Bollywood Hungama.

“In that learning what happened is because of the way Salman Khan is as a person, he doesn’t give too much time; he is impatient, he is spontaneous. My whole learning or shooting with him made me very fast as a photographer. He never used to give me time. He never had time for anything. He used to be very spontaneous. So my subconscious got trained working under very quick circumstances. Other thing with Salman Khan is that he’s not an early morning person or perfect light or anything. He will shoot whenever he wants to. The Mumbai afternoon light is a nightmare for every photographer. For me, I made it my strength without assistance. So I used to shoot in the middle of the afternoon. I think back and it’s flabbergasting, what I’ve done and how we have done it. So because of that training, so to say, everything else became like a cakewalk later,” he reveals.

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