EXCLUSIVE: Maharani Huma Qureshi hates repeating roles; says, “I’m not going to be repeating myself in every character that’s boring to play and to watch”

The second season of the political drama Maharani with Huma Qureshi as the lead hit the tube last month. The actress, needless to say, is loved in the titular character of Rani Bharti. In the latest interview with Bollywood Hungama, the actress spoke about how she loves to experiment with characters. The actress confessed that while it is easy to slot actors into categories, she is someone who finds playing similar characters boring.

In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Hungama, Huma Qureshi said, “Unfortunately, with actors, people like us who are in front of the camera, it’s very easy to slot us. I’m getting the kind of reviews for Maharani is because people over the last 10 years know who I am. I’ve seen in my films, even interacted with me, seen me in my interviews, seen me in the public eye. So when they see me playing a character, they often exclaim, we didn’t know she could do this because they never got that to me. After Maharani season one, not even Season Two, I had five films, and a show where I was supposed to play a Bihari woman. And I was like, no, because I’ve done that. I have nothing else to offer. I have given everything that I had – every ounce of that thing I had, I give it to Rani Bharti. So I have nothing new to offer.”

She went on to add, “But if there’s something new that you’re going to challenge me to do, I’ll be up for it. It is why I chose to do a Tarla, which is why I choose to do double XL. So I chose to do a Monica. These are things that inspire me because I’m not going to be repeating myself in every character that’s boring. It’s really boring to play and to watch.”

Speaking about her forthcoming films, Huma Qureshi wilsl be seen in the role of the culinary legend Tarla Dalal in her biopic Tarla, she will be seen in the film Double XL along with Sonakshi Sinha – a film that deals with fat shaming, as well as in the Netflix suspense thriller Monica, O My Darling with Radhika Apte and Rajkummar Rao.

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