Bigg Boss 16: Viewers feel Sumbul Touqeer is a ‘very big disappointment’ as she apologises to Shalin Bhanot after her father scolds him [View Tweets]

On Bigg Boss 16 Friday Ka Vaar, Sumbul Touqeer’s father joined Salman Khan on stage and scolded Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta for playing with his daughter’s feelings on the show. Her father reprimanded Shalin saying that Sumbul met him with a pure heart and he made a joke out of her. As Shalin appeared to be quite disturbed with the incident, Sumbul walked up to him and said sorry. But Sumbul’s actions have irked viewers to a great extent. When the show had just begun, Sumbul and Shalin developed a close bond and were seen spending ample time together. But, their equation raised eyebrows inside and outside the show. Many of her fans expressed their concern over Sumbul’s closeness with Shalin. But now, they are slamming Sumbul after she apologised to Shalin after her father scolded him. People felt that Sumbul was wrong in this case and Shalin had no role to ruin her image but she herself is doing it. Viewers also felt that Sumbul was looking dumb and called her immature for her behaviour. Her fellow housemates were also surprised to see Sumbul going with Shalin again after everything that happened.

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