Movie Review: The Pope’s Exorcist (English) THE POPE'S EXORCIST's cliched narrative and badly edited ending, courtesy of the Censor Board in India, spoil the joy.

<strong><a href="">THE POPE’S EXORCIST</a> </strong>is a story of a priest who discovers a deeply hidden secret of the Church while investigating the possession of a young boy. On July 1, 1987, Julia (Alex Essoe) and her children Amy (Laurel Marsden) and Henry (Peter DeSouza-Feighoney) arrive in Castile, Spain from the USA. Julia lost her husband […]

Movie Review: The Super Mario Bros. Movie (English) THE SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE does total justice to the classic Mario game franchise and makes good use of its characters, music and several other unique aspects of the film.

<strong><a href="">THE SUPER MARIO BROS MOVIE</a></strong> is the story of a plumber who turns into a hero. Mario (<strong><a href="">Chris Pratt</a></strong>) and Luigi (<a href=""><strong>Charlie Day</strong></a>) are brothers who start a plumbing business in Brooklyn, New York. They hardly get any calls to avail of their services and when they do, they create a mess. […]

Movie Review: Gaslight GASLIGHT has a slow, clichéd narrative but is saved by the performances and the unpredictable climax. Average fare.

<a href=""><strong>GASLIGHT</strong> </a>is the story of a daughter and her missing father. Mishri aka Meesha (<a href=""><strong>Sara Ali Khan</strong></a>) returns to her hometown in Gujarat to meet her father (Shataf Ahmed Figar) after years. Meesha can’t walk and had separated from her father after a tragedy in the palace and also after her father remarried. […]

Movie Review: Bholaa BHOLAA is a mass-appealing film with scale, grandeur, breathtaking action.

<a href=""><strong>BHOLAA</strong> </a>is the story of one crazy night involving drugs, gangsters and a father dying to meet his daughter. ACP Diana (<a href=""><strong>Tabu</strong></a>) fights a gang of thieves and confiscates 900 kgs of drugs from them, worth Rs. 1,000 crores. She hides the drugs in the basement of the sprawling Lalganj Police Station. At […]

Movie Review: John Wick – Chapter 4 (English) JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 is a justified sequel and works thanks to the action, performances and climax.

<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4</strong></a> is the story of an assassin fighting the higher authorities. After the events of the third part, John Wick (<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><strong>Keanu Reeves</strong></a>) mysteriously survives. He goes to Morocco and kills the Elder (George Georgiou), who is above the High Table. This enrages Marquis Vincent de Gramont […]

Movie Review: Mrs. Chatterjee Vs Norway MRS CHATTERJEE VS NORWAY is a hard-hitting drama and is laced with the career-best performance of Rani Mukerji.

<a href=""><strong>MRS CHATTERJEE VS NORWAY</strong></a> is the story of a mother fighting against a foreign government. Debika Chatterjee (<a href=""><strong>Rani Mukherji</strong></a>) stays in Stavanger, Norway with her husband Anirudh (Anirban Bhattacharya), elder son Shubh (Yuvaan Vanvari) and five months old daughter Shuchi. Sia (Kärt Tammjärv) and Matilda (Britta Soll) of Velfred, a child welfare service, […]

Movie Review: Zwigato ZWIGATO fails to 'deliver' because of its weak script and direction.

<a href=""><strong>ZWIGATO</strong></a> is the story of a delivery executive. Manas (<a href=""><strong>Kapil Sharma</strong></a>) resides in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha with his wife Pratima (<a href=""><strong>Shahana Goswami</strong></a>), son Kartik (Prajwal Sahoo), daughter Purbi (Yuvika Brahma) and his ailing mother (Shantilata Padhy). He used to work as a manager in a factory. The factory shut and after being jobless […]